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Product Information - Ingot Mold

Wire Ingot Mold Information and Specifications

Wire Ingot Mold

Metal Rod / Bar Casting Sizes

The wire ingot mold is completely adjustable to cast any weight or length of metal rod. A bar can be anything from 10mm to 120 mm in the two variations of 5mm square and 8mm square.

Wire Ingot Mold Calibrations

By knowing the weight of the metal that you want to cast into a bar, you can select the exact length of you cast metal bar.
The ruler marking on the wire ingot are approximate measurements for 10grams of silver and increments thereof.
The longer markings are calibrations to indicate 10gram increments for the 8mm square. The short markings are 10grams increments of the 5mm square.
Any other metal measurement such as 14k gold can be calculated using a specific gravity table.
These metal bar sizes are the most commonly used in a metalsmithing workshop. From these sizes any wire and most ring shank sizes can be rolled.

Wire Ingot Mold - Easy to Use

Select the square bar size and place the stop at the desired length marking. Position the closing bar and insert the locking pin. Heat the ingot and cover with carbon. Pour the molten metal into the ingot mold. Simply lift the locking pin and move the closing bar sideways. Lightly tap the cast bar too loosen and remove it.

Wire Ingot Mold Perfect Cast

Video of How the Wire Ingot Mold is Used

Benefits of having an Adjustable Wire Ingot Mold

Adjustable Wire Ingot Mold

Wire Ingot Mold

The fully adjustable and easily removable cast bar is a main feature of this ingot. This makes for a perfect cast each and every time.

It's easy to use and designed to cast small amounts of metal. The ingot mold heats up and cools down quickly.

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