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Drill-Str8 the mini drill press for the jewelers bench


The Mini Drill Press on your Bench Top

Drill-Str8 mini drill press with small foot print fits on workbench easily

Schematic diagram of bench set up with the Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press attached to the bench using the dovetail GRS® system.

The Drill-Str8 turns your existing flex shaft handpiece into a mini drill press within seconds --- and back again. You do not need an extra flex shaft motor.

You simply attach the Drill-Str8 to your bench and insert your handpiece in the quick release clamp for your mini drill press to be operational.

The ease, precision and accuracy of the Drill-Str8 removes the difficulty of drilling round neat holes. No more wandering and bent drills or holes that are drilled skew.

The Drill-Str8 footprint is minimal and therefore easily clamps onto your bench next to your bench peg. Because it is so small, it does not interrupt your work flow and integrates perfectly between the various tasks of your flex shaft handpiece. 

It is easy to use. Take your handpiece, clamp it in Drill-Str8, drill and use quick release to remove your handpiece in three seconds.

This doubles the capabilities of your flex shaft.

How does the Drill-Str8 work?

The flex shaft handpiece is clamped in the mini drill press
Drill-Str8 portable drill press for jewelry

Advantages of the Drill-Str8

• Precision Drilling

• Uses Your Existing Flex Shaft Motor

• Easy Bench Integration

• Suitable For Many Flex Shaft Handpieces

• Economical Use Of Burrs

• Multiple Functionality Like Glass Drilling, Polishing And Wax Shaping

8 Plus Features 

 Uses of the Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press on the Bench

Wax Shaping
Drilling Rod and Tubing
Beach Glass Drilling
Depth Control
Drilling Sea Shells
Drilling for Setting

Drill-Str8 Test

As a test, I wanted to see how many holes I can drill with the Drill-Str8 using a 1mm drill to drill into 1mm silver plate. I was amazed! 3500 holes and counting! The drill bit is slightly worn but could comfortably drill further. I think I proved the point.

More on the Drill-Str8 product information and specifications can be seen by clicking the link. 

Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press Bench Test

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