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Drill-Str8 Bench Tool

Videos - Use and Features of the Drill-Str8

The Drill-Str8 attachment easily integrates into your bench top drilling system allowing you to instantly transform your flex shaft hanging motor into a rigid and accurate miniature drill press. The big plus is you do not need a second flex shaft motor to make the mini drill press operational. 

And when you are finished drilling, a twist of the handpiece clamp releases your handpiece for general bench work. 

The ease, precision and accuracy of the Drill-Str8 removes the difficulty of drilling round neat holes. No more wandering and bent drills or holes that are drilled skew.

These videos show how easy and versatile it is to use the miniature drill press on your bench. Not only can you drill accurately, but there are so many other uses that make the flex shaft handpiece tasks easier on your bench, like polishing and wax shaping for instance. Drilling beach glass or plate glass is made so much easier with the Drill-Str8.


Hand control on the flex shaft handpiece is not steady and has a tendency to twist the drill with more force being applied to one side only resulting in uneven, oval and skew holes. The Drill-Str8 holds drill bits steady at the correct angle as seen in these drilling tasks of 6mm square bar, 3mm mild steel and 4mm stainless steel all done using a 1mm drill bit.


Often, when working on the bench, small sections of the work have to be pre-polished in preparation for soldering task. Simply do this on the bench with your Drill-Str8.

Shaping Wax

When you are working on wax models it becomes easy to remove bulk wax fast with the mini drill press.

Drilling Rod

To accurately determine and drill through the centre of a rod is a challenge. The task is made so much easier with the Drill-Str8. The same applies to tubing as seen in the demo video.

Beach Glass Drilling

Inconsistent hand control causes problems when drilling beach glass. Is is a lot easier to apply gentle pressure and control medium speed whilst the diamond burr is held dead straight by the Drill-Str8. Always drill with water when using a diamond bit.

Depth Control

The drill stop allows you to drill to a pre-set depth without accidentally drilling through the surface to the other side.

Drilling Sea Shells

Drilling sea shells must be done under water. Cut a plastic cup to size and fill with water. Mark the spot on the shell to be drilled and with gentle pressure and slow speed use the Drill-Str8 to drill through the shell.

Drilling for Setting

For eternity type setting you have ultimate control in drilling with the Drill-Str8. Start off by using a drill bit and progress to a ball burr.

From the video demonstrations you can see that Drill-Str8 adds another dimension to your workbench.
More videos will be added as we continue with product development of table platforms. These platforms will expand the functions such as drilling at angles.

Drilling a Hole in Plate Glass

Drilling glass is always problematic. With the Drill-Str8 is is a lot easier to apply gentle pressure and control medium speed. A diamond tipped drill is used. Form a dam with putty to hold water which lubricates, cools and removes the swarf.