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Drill-Str8 Flex Shaft Mini Drill Press

Product Information

Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press Specifications

Drawing of the mini drill press foot pring on a jewelers bench

Bench Attachment Options:

This must be specified in  the Checkout Process
C-Clamp max. opening 33mm - 1.3"
Jewelers bench dovetail systems including GRS® BenchMate mounting plate.

Handpieces: Fits Multiple Brands and Sizes

The Drill-Str8 will fit most popular handpieces including Foredom®, Prodigy™ and universal handpieces from 12 mm to 26 mm diameter  - 0.47 to  1.02 inches 
Email us a picture and measurements if you want to know whether your handpiece will fit.

Drill-Str8 Assembly and Bench Set-up:

The set up of the Mini Drill Press is straight forward.
Ensure that you've clamped the Drill-Str8 at 90° to your bench and that all is level.
The handpiece is positioned into the handpiece clamp resting on the two bars with the two top rods holding the handpiece securely in place.
The quick change lever or chuck key opening must be mounted in a forward position.

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Drill-Str8 Operation:

The DrillStr8 makes it very easy to press much harder than what can be achieved by using the handpiece in the hand.

This can easily lead to excessive force being used with undesirable results.

Firstly, the drive cable will twist on itself in the same manner that it does when excessive force is used with the handpiece in the hand.

Secondly, the drill or burr will heat up rapidly, causing excessive wear and making the drill blunt.

So what must be remembered, is that The Drill-Str8 Drill Press fitted with a flex shaft handpiece must be used with the same care as one would use the handpiece in your hand.

The Drill-Str8 is there to drill accurately and easily.

It does not make your flex shaft motor any stronger.

However, it does make your flex shaft more accurate and with proper use, vastly extends burr and drill life.

Drill-Str8 Component Adjustments:

The lower section of the Drill-Str8 is the table and the adjustment screws.

The ' table screw' allows for the table to be turned and also to be removed entirely.

The table is typically removed to fit another device, such as a ring clamp or a 'v' block used for drilling tubes and rods of material accurately.

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The table adjust screw allows the table to be moved forwards or backwards.

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The table can be released to adjust the height by loosening the height adjustment screw.

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The table mount is then turned around so that the smooth side is on the table adjustment side.

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The table can be angled into any position that is desired.

Advantages of Using the Drill-Str8 on Your Bench

You have your drilling area in Optivisor range all the time.

You don't have to get up from your bench and walk to the drill press.

You control the drilling speed with your foot pedal instead of relying on a standard drill press speed.

Because you are drilling on your bench, collection of precious metal is as normal without risk of loss or contamination.

The Mini Drill Press has a tiny footprint. A standard drill cannot stand on your bench without taking up too much space, even if it is 'small'.

The Mini Drill Press is smaller than your bench peg and when it is used with the GRS system you can change over instantly from peg to drill and back again.
The C-Clamp is just as easy to attach and remove

You don't need a second motor and no extra electrical feed to your bench.

The Drill-Str8 can do everything you do with your hand piece ( polishing, wax carving, glass drilling etc) except that you now have a rigid platform right in front of you which give much better hand control.

The table is instantly adjustable and can be angled at virtually any angle.

It comes standard with a oil dispenser and because lubrication is made much easier, you tend to use it more regularly, thus saving your drill and burrs.

Because there is no lateral pressure on the drill bit, it stays sharper longer. ( I drilled 4600 1 mm holes in 1 mm silver plate with one drill without sharpening.)

Controlling depth and pressure is much more sensitive than with any cheap drill press available today.

The design of the Drill-Str8 is such that it allows for interchangeable tables.

You drill more accurately, faster and with less stress on your drill and therefore you save time and motion.

A variety of table and clamp platforms is under product expansion and development. Follow these developments through our newsletter or find them listed under Products

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