Patent Pending
Drill-Str8 Jewelers Mini Drill Press


Hans Meevis, the inventor of the Drill-Str8 Mini Drill Press, has been making jewelry for over 40 years. He started sharing his knowledge and presented training courses on how to make jewelry. In the process of teaching, he noticed the difficulty metalsmiths were having with drilling straight and accurate holes particularly when using the smaller drills. That is when he started thinking of a solution to make this task easier.

“I was convinced that there was a system that extended the potential of the flex shaft motor and it's handpiece into a guided tool to act as a drill press.”

The goal has been to build a most useful tool that would fit on a bench station easily interacting between other tasks that offer a real solution on a daily basis for metalsmithing problems on the bench.

Hans partakes and oversees the production process personally and is constantly researching and further developing new products.